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Is the South African economy out of the woods?

On Friday ratings agency Moody’s affirmed South Africa’s investment-grade credit rating and revised its credit outlook to stable from negative, saying the previous weakening of national institutions was gradually reversing which supported an economic recovery. CNBC Africa is joined by Nedbank Economist, Isaac Matshego and Annabel Bishop, Chief Economist at Investec.

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SA's credit rating will depend on economic growth: Moody's

Credit rating agency, Moody's, has again suggested that South Africa would not be in danger of being downgraded, if economic growth was stronger. Moody's country representative, Sylvia Chahonyo, told a conference that South Africa is doing relatively well in a lot of indices when you strip out growth.

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How to Check a Financial Strength Rating with Moody's

How to check a financial strength rating from credit rating agency = Moodys.

Moodys is one of the big three credit rating agencies in the United States. Together with AM Best, the Big Three rating agencies provide Insurer Financial Strength Ratings on American and some International Insurers.

Always check the Financial Strength Rating of any insurer that you are considering buying insurance from. Life, Health, Home, Auto, Etc.

- Do not trust the information from an insurer or an agent, as...

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Russian Rating Cut: Agency Moody's downgrades Russia as Western sanctions bite over Ukraine

Ratings agency Moody's has cut Russia's credit rating to the agency's second-lowest investment grade. A Moody's analyst told Bloomberg that the cut was due to “Russia’s increasingly subdued medium-term growth prospects.”

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15 U.S. Banks Downgraded

Stock market suffers after news of banks' credit downgrade. For more, click here:

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Credit Rating Agencies and the Financial Crisis (Part 1 of 2)

Credit Rating Agencies and the Financial Crisis (Part 1 of 2) - Committee on Oversight and Government Reform - Tape Deck 01 - 2008-10-22 - The Committee held a hearing titled, "Credit Rating Agencies and the Financial Crisis" on Wednesday, October 22, 2008, in 2154 Rayburn House Office Building. The hearing examined the actions of the three largest credit rating agencies, Standard and Poor's, Moody's Corporation, and Fitch Ratings, leading up to the current financial crisis. Video provided by...

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Moody's left Korea's credit rating at "Aa2", citing resiliance against local political turmoil

무디스 한국 국가신용등급 1년2개월째 Aa2 등급으로 유지, 전망은 '안정적'

A fresh evaluation on the country's sovereign rating.

Moody's Investors Service kept its rating at double A-2,… the third highest in the agency's credit table.

It's their first evaluation after the motion to impeach President Park.

Moody's maintained Seoul's credit rating outlook at "stable," citing the relatively firm and resilient economy in the face of local political turmoil and North...

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Moody's downgrades Finland's credit rating from triple A to AA1

The credit rating agency Moody's downgraded Finland's long-term issuer and senior unsecured debt ratings from the best AAA to AA1.

However, the rating outlook was changed from negative to stable.

The agency said that Finland's long-term and short-term foreign-currency bond remained unchanged at AAA, and the country's long-term local-currency bond and deposit ceilings maintained at AAA.

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Canada's Big 6 banks downgraded in credit ratings

Canada has seen bank runs over the past few weeks. The contagion has spread as Canada's consumer credit has moodys downgrade Canada's Big 5.

Moody's lowered the ratings of Canada's major banks in response to the high debt levels Canadians are carrying and the record-high home prices in cities .

Start the countdown to the coming economic crisis, latest is Moody's downgrading the big banks..


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BREAKING: Spain AAA Rating on Review for Downgrade

Credit rating agency Moody's just placed Spain's sovereign Aaa credit rating on review for possible downgrade.

The S&P is trading off of its high, now up only 3 points at 1,044.

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ABIL Response to Moody's Downgrade of its Credit Rating

Moody's has downgraded African Bank's global and local credit ratings. This follows the rating action taken in October last year, where Moody's changed African Bank's outlook to negative. Alishia Seckam speaks with ABIL's Gavin Jones.

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Jan Man Special: After 14 years, Moodys' upgrades India's credit rating

Jan Man Special: After 14 years, Moodys' upgrades India's credit rating.

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Moody′s cuts Russia credit rating to junk levels 무디스, 러시아 신용등급 ′정크′로 강등

Russia′s credit rating has been downgraded to "junk" by credit rating agency Moody′s which says the crisis in Ukraine, the tumbling price of oil and the weak ruble have severely undermined Russia′s economic strength.

In a statement Friday,... Moody′s cut Russia′s rating one notch to ′Ba1′ from ′Baa3′ with a negative outlook.

This marks the first time Russia has slipped below investment grade in well over ten years.

The agency added that Russia will experience a deep recession...

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