Canada’s Top Ten Secured Credit Cards

What is a Secured Credit Card?

A secured, or guaranteed, credit card works on the same principle as a secured loan. With a secured loan, the lender has some tangible guarantee (like a home or car) that can be taken as collateral if the borrower should default on the loan. That's why mortgage companies and lenders are willing to loan out large sums of money to people--because they know they'll get...

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Protect your credit report rights - Consumer Reports

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7 tips to help you avoid pitfalls and manage your credit files

Last updated: September 2012

Illustration: Otto Steininger

Many consumers...

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Bankruptcy Laws - How to File Chapters 7 & 13

Bankruptcy: How to File Chapter 7 & 13

Free Legal Evaluation from a Local Bankruptcy Attorney

If you're thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you're not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with debt from credit cards, medical bills and mortgage payments. Filing bankruptcy could allow you to get a fresh financial start.

Bankruptcy is a legal process designed to put a stop to collection calls and...

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Payday Loans At EZ Check Cash Advance

If You Need Cash EZ Check Advance Can Help.

Call Us!

EZ Check Advance


You work hard and manage your finances closely, but sometimes life can throw a curve and when that happens we can help. An unplanned utility bill, a car-needing repair or even copay at the doctor's office.

When you choose EZ Check Advance you get the benefit of working with a company that truly cares about...

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How to Improve Your Credit Score | Reader's Digest

Get back in good financial shape.

Never miss a payment


Payment history factors into a whopping 35 percent of your credit score, so you'll definitely see the effects if you tend to miss bills. If you didn't set email reminders when you signed up for your credit card, change your settings now, or mark due dates on your phone or paper calendar. If you still have a hard time...

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Car finance, Online finance pre-approval in South Africa ...

Car finance - Tips to help you save

You may know all about that set of wheels that's stolen your heart, but if you're not clued up about car financing, you could well be in for a bumpy ride.

Most consumers select one of the following options: a cash deal; instalment; instalment with balloon (residual) payment, or lease. However, these days you could also consider a guaranteed buy-back deal, and...

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Are Credit Scores Fair? - ABC News

Even the worst things in your past eventually age off your credit reports, diminishing in importance as they do, meaning you're not totally out of commission for the whole seven years after you find yourself with a collections account before it drops off of your reports entirely.

Most people have to work hard to get what they want out of the credit system. Others enter the system with a head...

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How to fix your credit score?

Tips for fix Your Credit Score

Since I found a new job last year, I just want to start fixing my credit and bring things back in order.� I knew that if I didn't fix my credit, it would be very difficult to find any loan when I want to buy a car or even a house in the future.� If any bank did give me a loan, the interest rate (APR) would be sky high.� I really didn't want to wait until it is...

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Credit Score In Canada: What These 3 Digits Say About You



Nail this factor by keeping your credit utilization ratio between 10% and 30% to be safe.

And most of all? Never max your limits.

Tip: One way to keep your ratio low is by paying your balances several times a month. Another strategy is to increase your available credit to a reasonable limit.

3. Consider your length of credit history

This accounts for 15% of your score.

How long have...

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy and your credit report - Robert Weed

I don't like Chapter 13 bankruptcy. One reason is this. Your credit so much much worse than if you filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

I don't like Chapter 13 bankruptcy.��One reason is chapter 13 is much worse on your credit.

Since you are paying your creditors, at least a little, in Chapter 13, that's unfair. Five years after filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, people can have great credit. (Assuming...

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Payday Loans Today

Apply Now

1269.7% APR Representative:

Borrow £200 for 30 days you would repay a single payment of £248.00. Interest is 292% per annum (fixed).

Start your application today

Apply online day or night

Emergencies don't make appointments, so we're here 24hrs a day for you.

No hidden charges

We don't charge any upfront fee's for this or any service we provide.

We Are Flexible

You can choose the day...

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‘Bad Credit’ Phone Plans: Verizon, AT&T May Follow T ...

By Fionna Agomuoh @FionnaatIBT

01/27/15 AT 12:43 PM

T-Mobile CEO John Legere wants to help people with less than perfect credit get the best smartphones. Photo: Reuters

Bad credit can prevent consumers from getting a new car or a home, but soon it need not prevent them from getting at least one necessity of modern life: a smartphone. That's because one major U.S. wireless carriers is now offering...

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Date: 2019-03-24 16:16:26

Top ten scams of 2016 -

Bogus Internet merchandise sales continue to bedevil consumers, top complaint list.

In 2016, for the fourth consecutive year, the National Consumers League's received more complaints about Internet merchandise scams than any other type of fraud, making up nearly one-third (29.17%) of complaints received, an increase of 7% from 2015. Internet merchandise scams �are also becoming more...

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B & L Chevrolet Buick in Coal Township, PA | A Shamokin ...

A Mt. Carmel Source for Buick & Chevrolet Car Loans & Auto Financing in Coal Township, PA

Shamokin and Mt. Carmel Chevrolet and Buick seekers, for your vehicle purchasing convenience we also can assist with a vehicle loan. Bad credit or bankruptcies do not matter, our finance department can get you financed and driving a� new �vehicle today. Additionally, your Mt. Carmel Chevrolet and Buick dealership alternative also offers insurance products for your protection such as Vehicle Protection plans, GAP policies,� tire �and wheel protection plans, Dupont Fabric protector, Dupont Paint protectors and Dent Restore plans.

Apply for...

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6 Ways to Fix your Credit Score Yourself

Your credit score determines how much of the bank's money you can be trusted with. If you have good credit chances are, you will be able to get the things you desire like a home, new car, or loans.  There are many things that can suddenly change your credit rating.

Not paying your bills on time, losing a job, getting divorced or a long-term illness are all ways that can negatively affect your...

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Refresh Financial Secured Credit Card - Life on Credit

Refresh Financial offers a new secured card in light of the fact that credit conditions are tightening in Canada, especially for customers with fair and poor scores and average and low income. Many Canadians use credit cards in emergencies, to pay for car rentals and hotel bookings, to make in-store and online purchases, and so on. Some of them have poor credit and access to fewer options than...

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Greenway Ford - Ford Dealer in Orlando, FL | Used Cars Orlando

Explore All New Inventory

We call it Ford Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). You'll call it peace of mind. That's because every CPO vehicle comes with a 172-point inspection, CARFAX® Vehicle History report, and comprehensive and powertrain limited warranties. There's added value to a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.


The best-selling trucks in America for 40 straight years.

It's not luck. And...

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Fix My Credit

Credit repair can help people out in a number of ways. Your credit score has a dramatic and outsized influence on your life. It is used in everything from decisions about loans and credit cards, applications to rent a new home, buying a new home, or buying a car, to getting hired for a job. As a result, having the best possible credit score will make life easier and better, while having a low...

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Buy & Sell Used Cars in Calgary | Calgary Used Car Dealers ...


Get a Quality Used Car

Double L Motors has a trained and trusted team that ensure you receive only the highest level of customer service when browsing through Calgary used cars. Quality reconditioned vehicles with competitive used car pricing is what we are well known for. We safeguard our customers by requiring our Calgary used cars to include full vehicles history reports and comprehensive warranty. We have a wide variety of quality used cars for you to...

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Brittain Motors East Palestine: Columbiana's New & Used ...

Financing and Auto Leasing

Certified Auto Service Near Columbiana

Our certified, factory trained service technicians are equipped with the knowledge to keep your vehicle running in its peak condition and are more than happy to service your new or used vehicle. Whether you need an oil change, tire rotation or more. Brittian Chevy makes servicing your vehicle quick and easy. � You can schedule your East Palestine auto repair service online by filling out our�...

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How to go about building credit history in the UK?

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There are services that will produce a credit history report based on the country you used to live in. Experian or credit safe, as a couple. They cost quite a bit, about £50~£250 per search, based on the criteria you need your check to be carried out.

Depending on what you need to do, just moving in to UK is not that bad. You can get a mobile phone contract, 12-24 months (this gets your credit score rolling after 3 months) and a land line like British Telecom or Virgin Media also contribute.

You can further progress your...

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Car Leasing Secrets, New Car Lease Deals ... -


Car Leasing Secrets

Are you thinking about getting a new car lease instead of a conventional car loan? Before you do, be sure to learn how leasing works and how a dishonest dealer (or salesperson) can use a lease to rip you off for thousands of dollars. On this page you will find a brief explanation of how leasing works along with the most common overcharges and...

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Date: 2017-12-02 05:44:28

How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams and Credit Score Ripoffs ...

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) notes that credit repair scams promise a quick-fix for the sort of credit woes that prevent people from either obtaining a mortgage or a car loan or instead compel them to pay a high interest rate for those loans. In exchange, these local and national companies vowing to provide a clean bill of credit health charge upfront fees as high as $250 - and sometimes...

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Denver Car Dealer | Groove Auto - New and Used Car ...

Welcome To Groove Auto

Groove Auto - New and Used Car Dealer located South of Denver, Centennial, Englewood Colorado.

Groove Auto was founded in 2009 by the experienced Summit Automotive Partners , George and Alex Gillett, along with CEO Bill Carmichael. It is located in Centennial, Colo., near Denver, Groove Auto is here to make your next car purchase easy. From new to used cars to service and...

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Subprime Car Lender Rudolph, Inc. providing auto loans for ...

Customer Satisfaction - Loyalty - Accuracy - Team Work - Professionalism - Integrity

Our Customers

I have been with this company for over a year, and have found them to be both understanding, and willing to work with me.

John - Petaluma, CA

So far so good! My hubby and I needed a vehicle and no one would touch ...

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How to Remove a Foreclosure from Your Credit Report ...


There it was, just staring at you. The big, fat, ugly stack of papers you never wanted to see. The bank wanted your home, your haven away from the real world, one of the few places you could just: be.

You went through the foreclosure. It was heartbreaking and embarrassing. Now that you're moving forward, there are roadblocks everywhere.

Car loan? Nope. Credit card? Think again. Apartment?...

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Top 6 Secured Credit Cards for Canadians - Life on Credit

This post has been updated on Oct. 29th to reflect new developments in the Canadian secured credit cards markets.

Many years ago I got my first credit card from CIBC, and because I had no credit history I had to settle for a secured credit card. The card had $500 limit, which I had to deposit with the bank - not much of a credit card :). I used it for 2 years making small purchases and paying it...

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Personal and secured loans Canada | 1-855-700-0NCR.



** Disclaimer: This Consumer Installment Loan Rate Schedule provides an illustrative example of a typical extension of credit we offer to qualified applicants. The APRs noted above are for a $720 loan repayable in six bi-weekly payments. The terms listed in this Consumer Installment Loan Rate Schedule may be offered for only a limited period of time and may differ from your...

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Loan SA - Apply for a personal loan up to R150 000


Loan SA offers a free loan finding service through our network with South African lenders. We serve all clients - including those with a bad credit record. If you find yourself in need of cash, then we are here to help you out.

Welcome to Loan SA

Quick Apply

We have developed the fastest way to apply for a loan. Our loan process only takes 3 minutes to complete. What makes us unique is our service package...

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Home Trust Secured Visa Credit Card Applications ...

Home Trust Secured Visa Card will allow you to build or rebuild a solid credit rating. Many people have been declined by the banks for a credit card due to past bad credit or because they have no credit history.

Having a credit card is not a luxury anymore, it's a necessity. The Home Trust Secured Visa Card allows you to make purchases on-line or by phone,...

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Nashua Chevy, Corvette, Cadillac, & Used Car Dealership ...

Why Buy from MacMulkin?

About Us

MacMulkin Chevrolet Cadillac has been a family owned Business since Donald C. MacMulkin opened in 1958 in Nashua NH. In 1965, Bernard J. Thompson Sr., was hired as a salesperson. On February 1, 1980, he purchased the Dealership from MacMulkin, along with his three sons; Bernard Jr, Thomas Sr, and Jeffrey Sr. They grew the business to be one of New England's...

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Credit Card Debt Relief, No Credit Score Damage ...

3 options for credit card debt relief using debt consolidation

Option 1: Do a credit card balance transfer so you can pay off the debt interest-free

Credit Limitation: This option only works if you have good credit; excellent credit is better. Balance transfer credit cards offer 0% APR on balance transfers when you open the account. An excellent credit score means you qualify for the longest 0%...

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Credit History Inquiries Law and Legal Definition ...

Credit History Inquiries

Credit History Inquiries Law and Legal Definition

Credit reports used for employment purposes help businesses reduce risk of fraud or theft, particularly in accounting or other financially sensitive positions. Credit reports also help businesses verify the identity of the applicant, which is very important in positions requiring security clearances, for instance. In...

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Legacy Legal - Best Credit Repair - Affordable Credit Repair

"Start improving your credit score today!"

"It's Simple, Fast and Effective!"

"Unmatched Experience and Expertise. Legacy Legal has over 26+ years of industry experience; no other credit repair company or law firm in the industry can match our history. With our in-depth knowledge of the law, Legacy Legal protects your rights and provides you with the best service, period."

Free Credit...

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Student Credit Cards | Comparison & Reviews

Student Credit Cards

Student Credit Cards

Students can establish credit and learn to manage debt with low-fee credit cards geared specifically toward them.


Smartphone Screen Insurance for up to $500 for screen repairs to your Smartphone (Conditions apply)

Eligible for use with�Google Pay[TM],�Apple Pay�and�Samsung Pay.


on American Express's website

Watch video

For university...

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Credit Report, Credit Score and Credit Rating - Office of ...

Credit Report, Credit Score and Credit Rating

Credit Report�/ Credit File

Along with the credit histories of millions of other people, your credit history is recorded in files maintained by at least one of Canada's major credit-reporting agencies: Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada . It is possible to obtain your credit file for free. Please consult the agencies' websites in order to obtain...

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Date: 2018-03-31 00:42:19

Cash Loans South Africa - Payday and Personal Loans

Debt Consolidation

Cash Loans

Whether you're looking for a short-term payday loan for some quick cash, or a longer term personal loan from a bank, we've got you covered.

The difference between payday loans and personal loans

The main difference between a payday loan and a personal loan is the repayment time and the�maximum loan amount available. Typically payday loans offer a much shorter...

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Can One Piggyback to Increase Credit Score? -

When you say the phrase "piggybacking," it instantly conjures up images of someone riding on someone else's back to get to the same destination. The process of piggybacking credit scores to improve a credit rating has been going on for a long time.

When the Great Recession hit in 2008, lenders started to complain about allowing consumers to piggyback credit scores. The Fair Isaac Company, also...

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Date: 2017-10-10 17:36:36
Website: - Compare Lenders Before Choosing A Loan


Welcome to

Welcome to Readies, the go-to website for impartial advice on choosing a lender. We are a credit broker, not a lender. Whether you're looking for a loan for a Ferrari or a payday loan to tide you over, we've got you covered. Our site aims to be both comprehensive and unbiased, giving you the honest truth - warts and all - on most lenders in the UK, so you can pick...

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Services | PMR Financial

We offer solutions for credit impaired situations to people who have a poor credit rating.�Have you got a poor credit rating? Or simply fallen behind on your mortgage due to illness, divorce, family problems, etc? Don't give up just yet.

At PMR Financial we understand. Whether you've made some bad judgements in the past and no one will give you a break then call our office today for our adverse...

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Down Payment Assistance for First time buyers - FHA

Our team of mortgage originators knows how to work with a wide range of Down Payment Assistance programs nationwide to help our qualified borrowers in purchasing their new home. Some down payment programs have income restrictions and/or purchase price restrictions. No matter what the case is, our origination team can help you work through the qualifying process.

If you meet the income...

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How soon after Chapter 7 bankruptcy can you buy a new house

How soon after Chapter 13 bankruptcy can you buy a new house?

There is no real limit as to when you can begin considering buying a home after a bankruptcy, though it is much more favorable to wait at least two years, while you build your credit back up. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for up to ten years from the date it was filed. However, filing for bankruptcy can...

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