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What Car Insurance Companies Don't Use Credit Scores ...

What Car Insurance Companies Do Not Use Credit Scores?

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Your credit score is one of many factors that the majority - about 90% - of car insurance companies use to determine your rates. And while it is possible to get a policy without a credit check, chances are you won't...

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How Can I Get Cheap Car Insurance with Bad Credit? (With ...

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Between September and December 2017, The Zebra conducted comprehensive auto insurance pricing analysis using its proprietary quote engine, comprising data from insurance rating platforms and public rate filings. The Zebra examined nearly 53 million rates to explore trends for specific auto insurance rating factors...

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What is the State of Auto Insurance in 2018?

Feb 06, 2018

Well, we've done it again. We've gone and gotten super curious about how car insurance is impacting the 250 million...

What Happens if You Crash a Zipcar?

Jan 09, 2018

Car sharing services like Zipcar and Car2Go allow city dwellers to forego car ownership without losing all of the perks....

What I Learned After Totaling My Car 450 Miles...

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