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Digging your way out of a bad credit rating |

Defaults will remain on your credit record for five years, while missed payments will remain for two years. You may also be affected overseas if you have a bad credit rating in New Zealand.

Fortunately, you're not stuck with a bad credit rating and there are a number of practical steps you can take in order to improve it. Rather than simply ignoring your debts, the key is to re-establish a good...

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Majority of people don't know their credit score |

Three in five people don't know their credit score, and it's costing some of them dearly.

"Our credit scores are these largely invisible things that attach themselves to us," he said.


Your credit score is a...

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Moving your credit card balance good for beating debt ...

Moving your credit card balance good for beating debt ... in most cases



One way to get on top of credit card debt.

It's about now that many people come to terms with the fact their Christmas credit card debt isn't going to pay itself off.

A balance transfer offer can be a way to deal with this problem.

The main banks all offer a low...

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Moody's lowers bank ratings, prompting home loan warning ...

Moody's lowers bank ratings, prompting home loan warning



David Tripe, of Massey University, says there will be an impact on interest rates, although it may be small.

Homeowners with mortgages are being warned a credit rating downgrade for the big four banks could be bad news for their repayments.

Credit rating agency Moody's...

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Your credit history up for scrutiny |

Your credit history up for scrutiny

Eloise Gibson10:16, Mar 26 2012


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IN DEBT: Missed payments could affect your ability to get a loan in the future, with new, more detailed records.

Skipping a bill or a credit card payment does not usually seem like a big deal.

Once the rent has been paid and next week's salary is in, catching up is not often a problem.

But, starting next Sunday, missed and late payments will have the...

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How to raise your credit rating |

New Zealand Association of Credit Union's Jonathon Lee says you...

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