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Best Credit & Debt Consolidation Programs for 2018: $2k ...

Use A Debt Consolidation Calculator

Nonprofit Debt Management Program

Taking out a loan to pay off debt is counter-intuitive, right? Especially when taking on a new loan requires hefty fees, rolled into your total balance, or a long repayment period. The InCharge Debt Consolidation Alternative, or debt management plan , is a program that gives you all of the benefits of debt consolidation without...

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How To Increase Your Credit Limit & Raise Your Credit Score

How To Increase Your Credit Limit & Raise Your Credit Score

1. Pay your bills on time

This is the easiest way to increase your credit card limit. Every six months or so, credit card companies review your credit and decide if your limit should be...

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Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

How I Became a Credit Counselor

Completing the bankruptcy process is hard, especially if your financial problems stem from medical bills, divorce or death of a loved one. Healing financially will help you get back on track.

Get Debt Help

Saving Money after Bankruptcy

If your debts have been discharged and you are employed, you should have room in your monthly...

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InCharge Debt Solutions | Credit Counseling, Debt ...

Debt Relief Solutions


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