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CableOne Brags It Provides Worse Service to Bad Credit ...

Turning away bad credit customers is certainly nothing new, but this week cable operator Cable ONE admitted that the company actually gives worse customer service to customers with low FICO scores. Speaking at the JPMorgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference Cable One CEO Thomas Might crowed that the company has implemented a "very rigorous FICI credit scoring process" on its video...

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Debit card wont swipe - Open Forum | DSLReports Forums

Debit card wont swipe

I searched on google and really couldnt get a straight answer.My dog chewed one end of my debit card. making a crack in the swipe bar. Can i still use this,Will places type my number in? Can i get a cash advance at a bank with it? thanks for the input

· actions · 2010-Jul-24 10:11 am ·

Oh for ... sake! Just go get a new one.

· actions · 2010-Jul-24 10:13 am ·

i get...

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