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How to Find a Mortgage When Your Credit is Bad | Money

How to Find a Mortgage When Your Credit is Bad

Robert A. Di Ieso, Jr.

By Kerri Anne Renzulli

August 7, 2014

Q: "What's the fastest or easiest way to rebuild my credit? I want to buy a house, and I can't get approved." --Tracy, Fargo, N.D.

A: "The bad news is you really do need a good score to get a home loan today," says Keith Gumbinger, vice president of , a website that tracks the...

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How to Improve Your FICO Credit Score | Money

These Are the 5 Best Ways to Improve Your Credit Score


By Kerri Anne Renzulli

August 11, 2014

The changes Fair Isaac announced Thursday to how it calculates its widely-used FICO credit scores could help boost scores for the millions of Americans with medical debt collections as well as those with a settled debt collection lingering on their report, but there is a lot we can also do to help...

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Discover Credit Scorecard: Should You Sign Up? | Money

Should You Sign Up for Discover's Free FICO Score Tool?

Johnnie Davis--Getty Images

By Taylor Tepper

June 7, 2016

No person can be reduced to a single number -- but as far as lending institutions are concerned, your credit score pretty much sums you up.

Banks use the number to determine your creditworthiness -- the higher the score, the less you have to dole out in loan costs. Borrowing to buy a...

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Anthem Data Breach: What Customers Need to Know | Money

Anthem Health Insurance Was Hacked. Here's What Customers Need to Know

The corporate headquarters of health insurer Anthem, in Indianapolis.

Darron Cummings--AP

By Kara Brandeisky

February 5, 2015

Anthem customers might be feeling a bit ill this morning. The nation's second-largest health insurance company just announced that hackers have stolen members' Social Security numbers, names, birthdays,...

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How to Get into Any Rental You Choose By Being a Dream ...

How to Be a Dream Tenant and Snag Any Rental You Choose

David Muir--Getty Images

By BiggerPockets

February 13, 2015

If you are a renter, you have many obstacles ahead of you. Landlords are full of horror stories, and you are just another potential horror story. You want and need to be the best renter the new landlord has ever seen.

No landlord really wants you, but they need you. They need you to...

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9 Ways to Outsmart Debt Collectors - Money - TIME

If you're one of the many people being dunned for delinquent credit-card, hospital, or other bills, it's easy to feel intimidated by collection agencies and confused about the repayment process. But rather than panicking and avoiding your collector's many calls--and there will be many--here are 9 ways to gain the upper hand in negotiations and, most important, keep from paying a penny more than...

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How to Buy Your First Home | Time

FHA 203K Loans

Private Mortgage Insurance

Lenders will want to see that you currently have multiple lines of credit available, which you pay off regularly. Lines of credit include the following: credit cards, student loans, automobile loans or any other types of loans. Lenders generally want to see activity on these lines of credit from the previous twelve months.

Financial institutions will...

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