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Bad Credit Car Financing | RoadLoans

How to buy a car with bad credit

However the situation arises, bad credit* does not necessarily signal the end of the road for car shoppers. In fact, the good news is that there are many qualified buyers with poor credit who are taking the wheel with the help of financing. And they can enjoy a lot of the same conveniences as buyers with better credit, such as preapproval. Every car shopper's...

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Car Loans for People with Bad Credit | RoadLoans

Car Loans for People With Bad Credit

Can I get a car loan with bad credit?*

It's a common question, and a look at some figures provides useful context when you need an answer.

Nearly one third of Americans have bad credit, amounting to some 68 million consumers, according to Experian, a national credit bureau.

With that in mind, you may not be surprised to learn there are many lenders that will...

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Getting a Car Loan as a First-time Buyer with No Credit ...

Getting a car loan as a first-time buyer with no credit history or bad credit

As a first-time car buyer with no credit or bad credit,* you might feel up against it.

That's understandable.

Consumers with long and strong credit histories generally stand a better chance of getting financing from an auto lender, and may enjoy better terms and a greater choice of vehicles.

But now that we've aired...

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How To Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit In 8 Steps | RoadLoans

Figuring out how to get a car loan with bad credit becomes a lot easier when you find a lender that accepts applications from people with poor or limited credit histories . The main options include auto dealerships, banks, credit unions and finance companies. Consider lenders that accept applications from consumers with all credit types, such as RoadLoans.

5. Shop around, within 14 to 45...

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Refinance Your Auto Loan With Bad Credit | RoadLoans

Auto refinancing with bad credit could be an easy way to possibly lower your monthly expenses.

If approved, you may start saving money right away.

Most people don't even realize that it is possible to do auto refinancing with bad credit. If you purchased a vehicle at a time when your credit was bad due to excessive debt, unpaid bills, medical expenses, divorce or even bankruptcy, then most likely...

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Refinance my Car with Bad Credit | RoadLoans

It's not easy to get a car loan with bad credit.

Some finance companies see consumers with bad credit as a risky investment.

Many of the banks and finance companies have either stopped making these loans or gone completely out of business. So while many people on the news see this as a good thing and banks are getting what they deserve, there is a large amount of people who now cannot get a...

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Getting a Car Loan With No Credit | RoadLoans

Why RoadLoans?

No Credit Car Loans

When you're starting life in the world of credit there can be challenges to making a major purchase. Simply having nothing bad in your credit history is not necessarily enough to satisfy prospective lenders if there's no credit history at all.* So you'll probably want to know where you stand, and it's normal to have questions, especially if that purchase is...

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Bad Credit Auto Refinance Loan | | RoadLoans

Bad Credit Auto Refinance Loan

Do you have bad credit?

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Guaranteed Auto Refinance | RoadLoans

For people with bad credit, guaranteed auto refinance is one of the best ways to ensure you find a company that is willing to do a refi for your auto loan. While there are some things to think about when it comes to this type of financing, it's one of the best ways for someone who doesn't have perfect credit to get the approval they need to get their refi done.

There aren't many companies out...

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Auto Loan Payoff Calculator | RoadLoans

Why RoadLoans?

Auto Loan Payoff Calculator

Want to see what you can save by paying a little extra every month? We think you'll like it.

Are you the type that likes to work the system? Use this auto loan payoff calculator, and see how putting down a bit extra every month can actually shorten the life of your loan. Every little bit helps, but don't take our word for it. See for yourself.


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