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How to Raise a Credit Score 200 Points | Pocket Sense

You can raise your credit score by as much as 200 points with research and an understanding of credit ranking. Your credit score will improve if you work with your creditor, pay the bills on time and lower your debt.

Step 1

Obtain a copy of your credit report. Purchase a 3-in-1 credit report with FICO scores from a credit reporting agency such as TransUnion or Equifax. A 3-in-1 credit report...

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How to Get a Free Credit Report Once a Year and Keep Your ...

How to Get a Free Credit Report Once a Year and Keep Your Score From Dropping

by Kristen May

; Updated July 27, 2017

Keeping your credit score high is one of the keys to securing low interest rates on loans and keeping your monthly payments manageable. Your credit report contains data on all of your credit accounts, payment histories, collection accounts, credit inquiries and public records...

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How to Get Unsecured Credit Card With Bad Credit | Pocketsense

If you have a bad credit history, an unsecured credit card can help you repair your credit score while providing you with a convenient way to make purchases. Unlike a secured credit card, an unsecured credit card doesn't require a cash deposit before you can use the card. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission warns that some secured credit cards do not report to the credit bureaus and these...

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How to Get a Free Credit Report Without Paying a Single ...

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act you are entitled to access your credit report for free from each of the three major credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. You are entitled to one free report from each company per year. There are hundreds of websites and services out there that claim to offer "free" credit reports and scores, but they have conditions such as entering...

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The Best Way to Fix Your Credit Score | Pocket Sense

The Best Way to Fix Your Credit Score

by Taunda Edwards

; Updated July 27, 2017

Your credit score can keep you from purchasing a home, car or even opening a checking account. To get your credit back on track, you will need to examine what is on your credit report. Obtaining a credit report will help you determine if the credit is accurate, and what steps you need to take to reverse the debt, so...

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How Quickly Does a Credit Score Go Up? | Pocket Sense

How Quickly Does a Credit Score Go Up?

by Bibiana da Silva

; Updated July 27, 2017

Your credit score is a constantly fluctuating number between 300 and 850 that credit reporting agencies assign to you based on your credit history, and which lenders use to evaluate you as a borrower. Seemingly harmless activities, such as applying for new credit, can lower your score, and it can take years to...

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How to Remove Bad Credit After 7 Years | Pocket Sense

Negative credit accounts, such as charge-off accounts or collections, have a limited amount of time that they can appear on your credit report. After seven years, most negative accounts are automatically deleted from your credit report, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Certain types of accounts take longer to drop off of your report, such as bankruptcies or judgments, which take 10...

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How to Increase Your Credit Score by 100+ Points | Pocket ...

How to Increase Your Credit Score by 100+ Points

by loanlady

; Updated July 27, 2017

A consumer's credit score is pivotal, determining not just your purchasing power but your employability and auto insurance premiums as well. NASDAQ says that raising your score by 100 points or more may take a little time, but it's doable. Fixing serious problems like repossessions, collections or foreclosures...

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HIPAA Laws and Credit Bureaus | Pocket Sense

Many patients and consumers may believe that there is a line that divides medical procedure bills and your credit report. Unfortunately, this is not the case. An unpaid medical bill is treated as any other debt that goes unpaid would be treated. HIPPA protects how your personal medical information is handled, but it does not separate your medical expense responsibilities from your credit.


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What Are the Highest, Lowest & Average Credit Scores ...

What Are the Highest, Lowest & Average Credit Scores?

By: Justin Johnson

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Your credit score is a barometer of your financial and personal creditworthiness. Lenders, insurance companies and even potential employers inspect your credit score to learn more about you and your financial habits. It is important to not only know your credit score, but also the basics of credit reporting....

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